We're Bryan and Mary Parsell, owners of the Copper Pearl, LLC.

Mary and Bryan, The Copper Pearl

We started re-habbing furniture when we moved into our new home. We love the Tuscan / Old World / European / French Shabby Chic / Pottery Barn / Restoration Hardware looks. Loved the look - but the price - not so much... Kind of Donald Trump taste on an MC Hammer budget... Know what we mean???

So we took to refinishing great pieces that were already out there and making them fit our style.  Restoring, transforming, maintaining classic vintage - such great fun and it quickly became our passion!  And then we started to get requests from others who were the same position we were - loved the look - but the price - not so much.  Folks who didn't have the time to do their project piece or even to look for something that would work perfectly.  Folks who didn't have the space to paint or work or even those who just knew what they wanted but not quite sure how to get there. Folks who loved great design and wanted a piece that said something significant about who they were.  And lots of people who had cherished heirlooms that just needed some repair or updating... How joyful can it be when Grannie's table is surrounded by grandchildren for many more generations to come!

And that's how The Copper Pearl was born... It is such a blessing to be able to help customize "pearls" that fit you and your lifestyle perfectly. Heirlooms, garage sale finds, re-purposing the items that you already have - we specialize in transforming your space into, well, your space!


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